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We were contacted by the City of Richmond Hill regarding some chirping sounds coming from inside their Sports Complex. Our investigation determined that the chirping was a baby starling at the bottom of a outside wall behind some metal siding. This was highly unusual as starling never nest at ground level. It was apparent that there was a baby bird that had fallen down the wall and became stuck with no way out. Likely in its attempt to leave the nest and head outside for the first time it missed going out the entry hole and accidentally fell to the bottom of the wall. If not for its incessant chirping in an attempt to call its parents, the city workers would not have been made aware of its predicament.

There was nothing their mother could do to help it due to the fact that in order for birds to fly upward they must fly forward and if the mother went down the wall she too would be stuck. (Fun Fact: the only bird of my knowledge that is able to fly straight up in a narrow space is a Hummingbird).

Without knowing how long this baby had been separated from mom, we knew we had to act fast. Watch as we rescued not one but SIX baby Starlings from inside of the wall of Richmond Hill Sports Complex. After seeing the babies, we discovered they were almost fully fledged. This means they were very close to being capable of short flights. As the baby birds were removed we brought them outside and placed in a nearby tree.

Within minutes their mother had returned with a worm in her mouth ready to feed. As part of a baby birds normal development they will likely spend their first few days out of the nest on the ground before they will learn to fly.

In our day to day activities we rescue a lot of animals. Urban living often presents wildlife with situations where animals require our intervention, if we don’t get there in a timely fashion and we don’t have the expertise to extract them from where they’re at, they could die. The fact that we save lives in this job is really important to me.


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